Date: 21.10.2007


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Test 998: IBM WebSphere Message Broker V6.0 System Administration


The test consists of four sections containing a total of approximately 51 multiple-choice questions.
The percentages after each section title reflect the approximate distribution of the total question set across the sections.

Section 1 - Planning, Installation and Migration (18%)

A. Plan/design for topology 
B. Define requirements for version control 
C. Plan the environment and required hardware 
D. Install and verify successful installation of WebSphere Message Broker V6.0
E. Migrate brokers, message flows and message sets from prior versions of the product to WebSphere Message Broker V6.0

Section 2 – Configuration (27%)

A. Implement supported transport protocols (e.g., MQ, JMS, HTTP, HTTPS, multicast)
B. Define and implement requirements for broker and application databases 
C. Create, delete, modify, start and stop configuration managers, brokers and user name servers
D. Establish Configuration Manager domains
E. Create, delete and modify execution groups 
F. Implement Publish/Subscribe tasks such as topics, Access Control Lists (ACLs) and managing subscriptions 
G. Create and modify a broker topology (containing collectives, cloned brokers and broker connections)
H. Create, delete, modify and list Configuration Manager Access Control Lists (ACLs) 

Section 3 - Deployment, Administration and Operations (37%)

A. Understand the capabilities of Configuration Manager Proxy (CMP)
B. Define and write scripts 
C. Monitor and query the status of various components 
D. Setup Broker to produce statistical and accounting data 
E. Modify the configurable properties of broker archive files 
F. Deploy broker archive files to execution groups 
G. Deploy broker configuration and the topology 
H. Remove deployed children from a broker or an execution group 
I. List deployed resources on brokers 
J. Stop or start execution groups or message flows 
K. Use IBM processes to apply new versions, fixpacks, fixes, support pacs to enhance products
L. Back-up the relevant information so that a working WebSphere Message Broker environment can be restored in the event of a disaster

Section 4 - Problem Determination (18%)

A. Implement appropriate problem determination aids 
B. Determine message flow behavior with respect to error handling 
C. Generate and interpret user trace on message flows 
D. Cancel all outstanding deploys 
E. Resolve broker topology issues such as a UUID mismatch 
F. Generate IBM service trace for the broker, Configuration Manager, the User Name Server components and Message Brokers Toolkit components
G. Analyze WebSphere Message Broker entries in the system log